Property Potential Form

Please populate the form below with information regarding any property you would like Green Pastures to consider purchasing. You can submit the form several times if you have more than one property you would like feedback on.

Do refer to our How to find a property instruction sheet for any additional information.

Important points to remember:

• Calculate the Market Level Rent (MLR) relevant to the location of the potential property.

• Are the bedroom sizes all above 6.51m2.

• Are there any Article 4 restrictions in your area? We are unable to purchase properties with more than 2 people sharing in an Article 4 area, unless they are already licenced HMO’s

• The Energy Performance rating must be a C rating or above for GP to consider purchasing.

Once submitted this information will be sent straight to our Partner Support team for them to check and provide feedback. Please do not view the property until you received feedback confirming the property is suitable and affordable.


If you're unsure on how to calculate the Market Level Rent please let us know.

Please don't include a £ sign